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Coconut shell Kava cups

Enjoy Kava the traditional way with our range of natural coconut shell Kava cups.

Choose between the following options:

  • polished (smooth both sides) coconut shell Kava cup with coconut fibre stand.
  • natural (smooth inside, textured outside) coconut shell Kava cup with coconut fibre stand

Each Kava cup holds approximately 200-300ml of liquid (varies slightly depending on actual shell), and their contoured shapes ensure a perfect fit in your hands. 

Ideal for Kava parties, special ceremonies and weddings, plus a variety of other uses.

Our polished and natural kava cups come with handmade coconut fibre bases which provide stability and a place to rest the cups when filled.

Delivery and pickup options

  • We deliver to all locations in Australia ($10 flat rate for Kava cups).
  • FREE Australian delivery for all orders over $200.
  • We also deliver internationally - Prices from $30. Please email us at for a quote. 
  • Next day dispatch for all orders placed Mon - Fri.

We hope you enjoy your coconut shell Kava cups!

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