About Us

The quest begins

On a mission to find the 'perfect' gift for that 'special someone', I spent countless hours scouring 'boutique' and 'bespoke' gender-based gift websites only to find that sadly, their offerings were essentially the same.

With nothing particular in mind and the celebratory date rapidly approaching, I was in desperate need of something that the recipient would (hopefully) love, while at the same time conveying my thoughtfulness and complete understanding of their inner most desires...

A narrowing of thoughts

After days of painstaking research and coming up empty, I narrowed my search criteria and decided that whatever it ended up being, the gift had to tick all the following boxes:

- be environmentally friendly and sustainable.

- be handmade and/or so unique that neither of us had seen it before.

- be something that would actually get used (not just tucked away to gather dust like some of my other gifts!).

- say, "this is one of the most thoughtful presents you've ever received" (from me at least).

- look like a decent amount was spent on it (of course!)

An idea is born

After banging my head against an idea-void wall all week, I realised my chances of finding something that ticked all these boxes was slim. As I was about to give up the search and settle for something generic online, I happened to visit a local market by chance and saw an array of wonderful and unique items for sale. Many of which were environmentally friendly, handmade, and so unique I'd never seen them before...

A new beginning

I never anticipated that a simple search for a present would send me off on a creative tangent so wide that I would end up learning an entirely new trade, launching a small business and online store, and ultimately changing my life forever.

Talk about getting sidetracked...

A personal touch

To me, there's something special about creating ethically-sourced, environmentally-friendly products that literally light up peoples lives and make them smile. 

I get the same excited reactions from customers faces today as I did when I presented that first handmade candle as a gift, and seeing this excitement helps keep my fires burning to make even better candles each day.

Thanks for reading and getting to know a little bit about us...we hope to hear more about you soon.



Coco Candle Co.