Candle safety and burning instructions

At Coco Candle Co, we take candle safety seriously.

Being natural products, we try our best to ensure your safety and all our shells are treated with a CSIRO approved fire retardant. We are also implementing a new red circle inside the shells to remind people not to burn the wax until it is completely dry (like you might on a candle made out of glass jars) as this could potentially result in the shells catching alight.

Like anything to do with potentially hazardous products (such as gas bottles, petrol etc) common sense is always required. Please see our safety instructions below:

1. Always burn the candle on a plate of some kind.

2. Always burn the candle in sight in front of you and never leave the room while candle is alight. Do not leave the candle burning while you are in another room, especially towards the end of the candle. While the shells are treated with a CSIRO approved fire retardant, nothing is fool proof and we encourage safe operation at all times. If you are unable to burn the candle in front of you or keep an eye on it for any reason, we strongly suggest that you do not buy our candles and purchase other ones that are not made out of natural products. While we do everything at our end to ensure your safety, we cannot be held responsible for multiple variations of improper use. As you would with any potentially hazardous products (such as gas bottles, petrol etc), common sense is required at all times when using candles also and this is the same whether they be in coconut shells or in glass jars.

3. As the candle nears the end, LEAVE SOME WAX and DO NOT BURN UNTIL THERE IS NO WAX LEFT. We can’t stress this enough as this reduces the chance of the shell catching alight to virtually zero.

4. Once you see the red line, do not burn the candle past this point.

We hope that you enjoy our candles and know that we are always trying to improve the safety of our products.

Coco Candle Co.

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